Our FBO Location

Join us at the best location on the Gander Airfield, YQX.


Our great location and friendly staff will have you stopping by again!

Located at the Gander International Airport, Gander Aviation features a private ramp off runway 03-21, which means no co-mingling with commercial traffic.

Need to make a quick stop? Travelling to Gander, NL for a longer stay? Our FBO will provide you excellent service and hospitality.

Gander, Newfoundland YQX

2.5 Summer, 3.5 Winter
N 48-56  W 54-34
Unicom VHF Frequency 122.55

Gander Frequencies

118.10 Gander Tower
121.90 Gander Ground
122.55 Gander Aviation
124.80 Gander ATIS
132.10 Gander Centre